Obama Sings!

This was my friends status a couple weeks ago and I thought it was very clever and hysterical. I watched a few of the videos and thought they were all really well done. It looks like it was done by someone in the White House-not sure if that means Obama knew about it or not. While I don’t think this is a political piece it is from different speeches he made and could spark viewers to check out speeches and therefore do political research-it made me just want to watch more of these videos. It is also pop culture since they were able to create recent pop hits from his political speeches. Well done and keep ’em coming!

What Story does Your Backyard Tell?

Colorado River at the Hoover Dam on the border of Arizona and Nevada

I watched “Chasing Water” and found the different parts of the Colorado River so interesting. I love that Pete McBride framed it in a personal way by connecting it to his backyard and childhood on the ranch in Colorado. The areal views are gorgeous and really tell the story, I only wish that his friend on the river had a camera as well to show what he was seeing on his paddle. I love that at the end it gives you a site so that someday the water can reach the sea again. The concept that water in some places is rising faster than ever and in other places its drying up just as fast. The Western United States is a very dry place, we know this, anyone who has been to Arizona knows that the greenest part of the state are the golf courses. Figuring out how to use the river wisely and sustainably will be the challenge for the next generations.