Plastic Bottles Reused Around the World

As all of you should know, water is free!! Crazy I know, we spend so much money on buying water in plastic bottles that often times we forget that buying a reusable bottle once can reduce the amount of waste that we create. Now besides water: soda/pop/coke/, juices, teas, and a number of other drinks come in plastic bottles. Some of these things we can’t help-we enjoy the taste and as long as we recycle the bottle when we’re done it is not a harmful act.

Where does the waste go though once it’s recycled or heavens forbid put in the garbage (by mistake I would hope)? People often say that these bottles can be melted down and made in to new bottles or other plastic products. But what about the bottles that don’t make it into a recycling sort? What if they fall off the truck, or someone was too lazy to dispose of it properly and the bottle ends up in our environment? This slideshow put together by Bloomberg, some of these stories and photos you may recognize, shows plastic bottles in their life after our consumption. Hope you enjoy!