Newtown, Connecticut My Heart is With You

What possess a young man to go into a grade school with three guns I will never understand. The amount of hate and anger that it takes to commit such an act is not an excuse nor a reason for why 20 families have to endure the event that happened this past week.

It’s finals week and every college student just wants to get home to see their families and friends and not have to look at a textbook for another month. Students complain about the long hours in the library and the confusing concepts and horrible exam times, but after this week I am not going to complain or bitch about the work I have to do before I get to go home. The reason is simple, I get to go home. I wrote a few months ago about what home means. Is it a place? A feeling? A group of people? The truth is it is all that. My home is where I know I am safe, surrounded by the special people in my life and the feeling of love. The children that went to Sandy Hook Elementary School this past Friday thought they would get to go home and see their family again. Continue reading “Newtown, Connecticut My Heart is With You”