Currently watching the semi finals for the Big Ten Basketball tournament, the brackets come out this Monday. The NCAA basketball tournament is like Christmas come early for basketball fans. The games are exciting, the players are competitive, the coaches are genius, and it lasts all month long!

This was the 2011 bracket, the 2012 bracket will be coming out on Monday, 3/12!

For those that have never filled out a bracket, shame, it is a sudden death style tournament where teams are ranked 1 through 16 in 4 sections. Fans choose which team is going to win narrowing it down from 64 to 32 to the Sweet 16 to Elite 8 and then the Final 4, finally down to the Championship which this year is in New Orleans. Even teams that you dont usually watch, fans start rooting for. For example, the Butler team a few years ago were true underdogs making it all the way to the Championship I believe and even fans who had never heard of Butler were cheering for the young coach and his team.

I have been filling out these brackets for as long as I can remember. Choose the teams however you want, by rank, by record, by mascot…it doesnt matter. Print off your bracket and grab a group of friends to make it competitive. Enjoy March-its almost summer!