“Thoughts Meant to be” Published!

Today I am a proud published writer of a Letter to the Editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I wrote about how the Great Lakes need to be protected from Asian Carp and how this is an urgent matter. Asian Carp are currently moving from the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan by way of Chicago and the water system around the city. This would be tragic for the ecosystem since Asian Carp do not have many predators in the Great Lakes and they reproduce quickly, they could easily over take all the native fish and wildlife. Please encourage the government to take action on this sooner rather than later.

It’s a thrill to see my name is a big paper, especially since I am published writing about something that actually means something to me. Needed to share this big moment in my life and heres to hoping there will be many more posts like this one:

Photo graphed from 4/8's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Photo graphed from 4/8’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Following the first publication, a similar letter to the editor from my Door County perspective, was published in the Green Bay Press Gazette. There were actually a couple comments to my letter on the GBPG’s website.

Screenshot of my Letter to the Editor on the GBPG's website.
Screenshot of my Letter to the Editor on the GBPG’s website.