Help Ban Plastic Water Bottles with “Bottle Free Badgers”

Hey everyone, sorry its been so long since I’ve written. I’ve been busy trying to save the world…well Im starting small. I’ve recently gotten an internship position at an environmental advocacy group where I have been and will be doing communication work. (Get ready for more videos 🙂 )

Right now though I need your help. The student organization that I am in on campus is trying to ban the sale of plastic water bottles of one Liter in size or less on campus. Plastic water bottles contribute to our landfills and take a long time to break down completely. They also contribute to the waste in the oceans where they kill wildlife and contribute to a massive amount of plastic trapped in the currents of the Pacific Ocean. With your own reusable water, typically around $10.00, by filling that water bottle up everyday during one week you have already made it worth while to have purchased that water bottle. Why keep donating money to companies who are taking “natural spring water” and selling it back to you when you can get your own water with a stylish water bottle for free essentially? For more information on that check out the documentary “Tapped”. My organization and I have started a petition and still need over 7,500 signatures. Please sign and pass on to family and friends. Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you for your help!!