Newtown, Connecticut My Heart is With You

What possess a young man to go into a grade school with three guns I will never understand. The amount of hate and anger that it takes to commit such an act is not an excuse nor a reason for why 20 families have to endure the event that happened this past week.

It’s finals week and every college student just wants to get home to see their families and friends and not have to look at a textbook for another month. Students complain about the long hours in the library and the confusing concepts and horrible exam times, but after this week I am not going to complain or bitch about the work I have to do before I get to go home. The reason is simple, I get to go home. I wrote a few months ago about what home means. Is it a place? A feeling? A group of people? The truth is it is all that. My home is where I know I am safe, surrounded by the special people in my life and the feeling of love. The children that went to Sandy Hook Elementary School this past Friday thought they would get to go home and see their family again.

This semester I will be think of those 20 angels when I take my tests and take my test for them. Of course the grades will be mine, but the opportunity to take a test at an esteemed university I will dedicate to those beautiful and bright six and seven year olds who probably had big dreams of their own.When I was six I dont remember what I wanted to be, but I played a lot of soccer then so maybe a professional soccer player. Those are big dreams and to a six year old they are all possible. To them the world was full of opportunities and good people who looked down at their sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks and told them they could be anything they wanted if they worked hard and went to school.

Now school seems like a dangerous place when it should be a safe environment where children can explore, ask the important questions that help them understand, and make friends that last a life time. I was nine when I met my best friend, they didnt even make it to that age.

God bless these angels, the country mourns with the families of these young victims.
God bless these angels, the country mourns with the families of these young victims.

To the families who lost a child this holiday season my heart and wishes are with you. I thought of you first. I pictured my own parents struggling to see past the tears as they drove to the school and the emotional hardship that would ensue after learning the devastating news. I am crying as I write this because the world that is unfolding as I grow up scares me. Children should want to go to school and not fear that they wont come home. Everyone deserves to come home, especially during the holidays.

To the parents of the victims of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School my thoughts are with you. Do not blame yourselves. You are great parents who instilled the thrill of learning in your children. They will not be forgotten. As much as I wish things were different, it takes a horrible event such as this one to get anyone to notice that something is wrong with the gun control in this country. Your children are heros and the new policies that should follow this event will save the lives of other children. Stay strong and know that you have the shoulder of your country to cry on. We stand with you.

One thought on “Newtown, Connecticut My Heart is With You

  1. Well said … and to think you, your sister & brother all played soccer on a field named after an eight year old boy shot in a school shooting almost 25 years ago. People do dumb things – like have automatic weapons in a home with children/young adults that suffer from personality disorders – most do not want to look around all the corners. As a result other people pay the price for their stupidity, 25 years ago it was one family, now its 26 families.

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