Below are videos that I made on my own and with partners for class work. Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!

  • Official Trailer for Bladesmith Gastro Brewpub (2014) General Business 601 class project for clients. During this project my group and I worked with founders , Robyn, Justin, Erika and Eric, of Bladesmith Brewpub to come up with sustainable recommendations for the local and organic brewery and pub. We also had to create a promotional video for their brewpub. The actual brewery and restaurant have not been built yet so this video highlights components they hope to include and their vision for the project.
  • Where’s the Water Going, (2013)Facts and Tips video for my Summer 2013 Internship at Clean Wisconsin about water levels in the Great Lakes. Beginning with facts about how the water levels have effected Wisconsin. It ends by giving tips for how people can help the falling water levels.
  • Front Yard Garden, (2012) promotional video for future volunteers and investors. This video shows the garden in Meadowood from beginning to its current state with raised beds and flower ribbon. The purpose of the video was to help volunteers and investors see what they were involved in and understand why their help was needed and would be appreciated. 
  • Redemption, Brewed by Coffee, (2011) Environmental 339 class project. The assignment was to go interview someone and tell the story about them, their business, passions etc. My partners and I choose to interview Mitchell at Redamte Coffee House because we loved the message they were trying to send and the atmosphere of the coffee house. They are a great group of people!
  • Learning to Respect the Wind, (2011) Environmental 307 class project. The assignment was to tell a personal story about an interaction in nature. This one is about my sister and I learning how to sail when we were only eight and nine on Lake Michigan.

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