Below are websites and blogs that I created and maintained.

  • Front Yard Garden, Southwest neighborhood in Madison. A project created to provide beauty, fresh produce, and teamwork to Meadowood. I developed this website to update supporters and community members of the progress we made during the summer and to inform people of upcoming events at the garden.
  • Journalism 202 engagement site, Fall semester class. Once I was admitted into the School of Journalism and Mass Communication I enrolled in J202 or Journalism Bootcamp. Here we created a site to respond to readings and lectures from class.
  • Part of the Journalism 202 class was to create our own website from a topic of our choosing. I selected recycling on campus. Recycling is such an easy way for people to get involved with the sustainability movement and I wanted UW Madison students to be aware of the school’s efforts.
  • REthink Wisconsin, Student Organization at UW-Madison. As a member of the communication team for REthink I update the website at least weekly to ensure that our future and current members know what campaigns they can get involved in. The site features photos of our members at events, show cases the honored members and their campaigns, our partners, and so much more.
  • bradyloomisBadgers by Night, final project in J202. Badgers by Night is a private website created by my lab mates and myself as our final project. I was platform captain which meant that it was my job to manage the website by uploading and organizing all of its content. Above is a snapshot of the home page.
  • Keep the Great Lakes Great is a campaign I created at my Summer 2013 internship at Clean Wisconsin. The goal of the campaign was to inform and encourage Wisconsinites to protect the beauty and health of the Great Lakes. Currently chemicals, invasive species and water levels are problems effecting the Lakes and they were the focus of this campaign.

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