History: A Secret Interest

When I was little I used to want to find out what happened to Amelia Earhart and loved hearing stories about the Titanic and what it must have been like on that faithful night. With the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic coming up on the 15th stories of the ship have been popping up all over the internet and specials have been all over tv. I am returning to my childhood historian state 🙂 I was about to start doing my homework when I came across these stories.

While I can not handle scary movies unless I have a pillow to cuddle with and a blanket to cover my eyes, ghost stories have become more of an interest to me. In these stories its crazy to think that these ghost made it all the way back from the bottom of the Atlantic to the United States. The Captain came back to “haunt” his childhood home! I guess I always thought you haunted the place in which you died, like the man who committed suicide in his San Francisco apartment. Even more bazaar is that people have said to be able to smell the ghosts, such as the ghost’s rose perfume. Anyway read these stories and see for yourself! Maybe post ghost stories that you have found!

The other stories that I have found are about the Madison area. For instance, Bascom Hill is haunted. It used to be a burial site for Native Americans, the bodies were later moved to a different resting site, except for two bodies. Under the patio where the statue of Abe Lincoln is at the top of the hill, are two Native Americans whose bodies where never moved-people have said that they have seen two faces next to Lincoln’s while taking a picture. Creepy!

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