Aquatic Solitude-Learning to Respect the Wind

I’ve created another video for a school project where we had to tell a story about our experience in nature. Most people do not know my connection to lakes and water, how I NEED to be near a lake of some kind. One family trip we took an RV to the Grand Canyon and I swear when we were in those landlocked states when all you could see was desert for miles, I felt sick. Its the moisture in the air, the smell of the water and the beach, and of course the relaxation it brings me.

This video tells the story of my sister and I spending four summers at Gilson Park, Wilmette Illinois learning to sail and “respecting the winds”. Please keep in mind that we were 8 and 9 years old so the story of almost falling off seemed more like a more near death experience then than it does now. I hope you enjoy, more videos are sure to come!

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