Bucket List (for college)

I suppose you could call this a bucket list since its things I want to do or change about my lifestyle before I graduate and enter the real world! (ahhh).

  • Since I am biking everywhere, work, my internship, doing errands… etc I am in great shape and am really loving my body-something I am sure most young women my age wouldnt be able to say. I want to keep this up, exercise I mean. Since it is only going to get harder to keep this figure.
  • Going along with that, I love the feeling of riding my bike to the farmers market to buy fresh produce. I feel young and healthy. I am going to try and keep up my eating healthy, which tends to be hard since the healthy foods tend to be bland and I am a girl who needs SPICE!
  • As I type this, my nails are really long (for me anyway) and I want to try to keep them long-much more fun to paint them that way 🙂
  • I want to do a better job of keeping in touch with friends, from high school, camp, and childhood friends I may not see anymore.
  • Something I will probably always work on is to not stress or worry so much about things I cannot control. Things turn out fine anyway the majority of the time so why should I keep worrying about the small stuff.
  • I want to try cooking crazier recipes for myself and my friends
  • Next apartment is going to be decorated in a more fun way
  • Next clothes that I buy are going to be items that would be able to stay with me for more than just my college career.

That is all I can think of right now, but I am sure that I’ll come up with more and add to this list as the months unfold.

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