“Thoughts Meant to be” Published!

Today I am a proud published writer of a Letter to the Editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I wrote about how the Great Lakes need to be protected from Asian Carp and how this is an urgent matter. Asian Carp are currently moving from the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan by way of Chicago and the water system around the city. This would be tragic for the ecosystem since Asian Carp do not have many predators in the Great Lakes and they reproduce quickly, they could easily over take all the native fish and wildlife. Please encourage the government to take action on this sooner rather than later.

It’s a thrill to see my name is a big paper, especially since I am published writing about something that actually means something to me. Needed to share this big moment in my life and heres to hoping there will be many more posts like this one:

Photo graphed from 4/8's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Photo graphed from 4/8’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Following the first publication, a similar letter to the editor from my Door County perspective, was published in the Green Bay Press Gazette. There were actually a couple comments to my letter on the GBPG’s website.

Screenshot of my Letter to the Editor on the GBPG's website.
Screenshot of my Letter to the Editor on the GBPG’s website.

Accept People For People and Not For Their Religion

I am not sure this is appropriate for me to type here, but lets face it as a young person today the internet seems to be our outlet. Since its currently 12:53 AM, I am going to workout my thoughts below.

My brother is 26 and he just got engaged. I am so happy for him and his fiance and I can’t wait to have a big sister and have her officially in the family. My brother is Jewish, mother and father both Jewish. Having different dad’s I am half Jewish and half Protestant. Technically he is my half brother. (Hope youre still following). His fiance is Catholic. They plan on joining a church and temple together, getting married in the Catholic Church.

For those of you where religion is very important to you, you might wonder how will they manage this? As someone where religion is not a very prominent part of my life, I just want my brother and sister-in-law to be happy. Why does it matter what you believe, as long as you love someone and respect them. Some think it will “be interesting” to see if the church allows them to be married there. But why? Religion is different than when these “rules” and “beliefs” were written. Globalization has made it so that anyone, anywhere could believe in a different religion; religion is not as contained to specific areas as it used to be, so why havent these rules been adapted? Continue reading “Accept People For People and Not For Their Religion”

Bucket List (for college)

I suppose you could call this a bucket list since its things I want to do or change about my lifestyle before I graduate and enter the real world! (ahhh).

  • Since I am biking everywhere, work, my internship, doing errands… etc I am in great shape and am really loving my body-something I am sure most young women my age wouldnt be able to say. I want to keep this up, exercise I mean. Since it is only going to get harder to keep this figure.
  • Going along with that, I love the feeling of riding my bike to the farmers market to buy fresh produce. I feel young and healthy. I am going to try and keep up my eating healthy, which tends to be hard since the healthy foods tend to be bland and I am a girl who needs SPICE!
  • As I type this, my nails are really long (for me anyway) and I want to try to keep them long-much more fun to paint them that way 🙂
  • I want to do a better job of keeping in touch with friends, from high school, camp, and childhood friends I may not see anymore. Continue reading “Bucket List (for college)”

Home is Not a Place

Of the three children in my family, I am the middle child. This means I have the leading abilities of the older sibling but I also get to be the annoying younger sibling; the best of both worlds. I also tend to be the most emotional of my brother and sister, I blame genetics but I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve. This was no different when my parents decided it was time to put our house up for sale.

This was not the house I was brought home to as a baby, but it mine as well have been since we moved into it when I was four. All but one of my earliest memories were experienced in the house I left when I headed to school this year. With my sister now at school too, my parents are officially empty nesters. It is a big house for just two people and our dog and it makes sense that it would be time for them to sell it, but saying goodbye has been harder than I thought it would be. I think this is a normal experience for college students, to have to say goodbye to their childhood home at some point before they graduate, its the normal progression of life. My brother, sister and I are all moving forward in our lives. Hell I want to go to Ecuador next summer, why should my parents have to stay in the the house we’ve lived in for like 15 years? I understand why they want to and have to move, but saying goodbye and having “home” be temporarily gone is a harder process than I thought it would be. Continue reading “Home is Not a Place”

Aquatic Solitude-Learning to Respect the Wind

I’ve created another video for a school project where we had to tell a story about our experience in nature. Most people do not know my connection to lakes and water, how I NEED to be near a lake of some kind. One family trip we took an RV to the Grand Canyon and I swear when we were in those landlocked states when all you could see was desert for miles, I felt sick. Its the moisture in the air, the smell of the water and the beach, and of course the relaxation it brings me.

This video tells the story of my sister and I spending four summers at Gilson Park, Wilmette Illinois learning to sail and “respecting the winds”. Please keep in mind that we were 8 and 9 years old so the story of almost falling off seemed more like a more near death experience then than it does now. I hope you enjoy, more videos are sure to come!