Accept People For People and Not For Their Religion

I am not sure this is appropriate for me to type here, but lets face it as a young person today the internet seems to be our outlet. Since its currently 12:53 AM, I am going to workout my thoughts below.

My brother is 26 and he just got engaged. I am so happy for him and his fiance and I can’t wait to have a big sister and have her officially in the family. My brother is Jewish, mother and father both Jewish. Having different dad’s I am half Jewish and half Protestant. Technically he is my half brother. (Hope youre still following). His fiance is Catholic. They plan on joining a church and temple together, getting married in the Catholic Church.

For those of you where religion is very important to you, you might wonder how will they manage this? As someone where religion is not a very prominent part of my life, I just want my brother and sister-in-law to be happy. Why does it matter what you believe, as long as you love someone and respect them. Some think it will “be interesting” to see if the church allows them to be married there. But why? Religion is different than when these “rules” and “beliefs” were written. Globalization has made it so that anyone, anywhere could believe in a different religion; religion is not as contained to specific areas as it used to be, so why havent these rules been adapted?

I understand that part of the reason religion is so amazing is because these rules have stayed the same for centuries and it connects families with their ancestors and people are able to find themselves in something bigger than just them as individuals, but the problem I have is that religion is still a way for people to judge you. Millions of Jews died because they weren’t accepted by one man. This is the lowest point in human history I would say, and its all because we made religion the only basis for accepting people. For anyone today to disapprove of a marriage or friendship solely based on religion and not the personality and character of the individual is wrong and a step backward after what we’ve been through.

I don’t believe in religion for one simple reason, it turns people against each other. Since the beginning of time people have been fighting the same war, trying to prove which religion is “right” or the “correct understanding of what happened all those years ago.” Why does it matter? Believe whatever you’d like but dont hate someone for their different beliefs. You look naive when you do and youre fighting this war that cant be won; shouldnt even be fought in the first place.

My parents love each other very very much. My mom celebrates her new year in September with apples and honey, to ensure a sweet and healthy new year. My dad celebrates the birth of a savior in December with a tree and reading the same book each year, even now that I am 21. We celebrate together. Learning and accepting each religion equally. The menorah in the dining room and the christmas tree lit up in the living room equally visible from the street. I grew up this way and hope to raise my children so they understand both of my sides, even if we don’t make it to temple or church for every holiday. Understanding, that is key, be happy for your loved ones, they’ve found someone who loves and respects them and wants to be with them. Religion is not a factor, neither is sexual orientation, color of your skin… You can’t look down on others for how they were born and what they believe. Have your disagreements get in fights, but stop, please stop fighting this war. Its been centuries, too many have died and you know what, its a pointless fight to have at all.

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